NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Health experts are strongly encouraging Americans to limit their holiday travel and gatherings this year.

Despite the warnings, AAA says nearly 85 million Americans are still headed to a destination for the holidays.

How you travel to these destinations are what matter, and there are pros and cons to each scenario.

Most viruses do not spread easily on flights, because of the way air circulates on airplanes. But you’re limited to how much social distancing you can maintain.

Each traveler is allowed to carry one container of hand sanitizer that is up to 12 ounces, so bring that. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and of course, keep your mask on at all times.

Chief of Infectious Diseases at Tufts Medical Center Dr. Helen Boucher says the best mask is the one that is worn.

“A fabric mask is fine and two layers is best, whether it’s two layers of cotton or nylon and it should fit comfortably above your nose and below your chin and you can wear it for as long as you need to,” said Boucher.

Dr. Boucher says to wash your hands before and after putting on your mask and taking it off. Also, make sure that you do not touch your face when you put it on.

If you are traveling by car experts suggest limiting the stops on your route. Also, you should bring your own food and drinks with you and if you need gas, have hand sanitizer wipe to use for the pumps.

Once you get to wherever you plan to spend the holidays, Dr. Boucher says to keep the distance and the number of people gathered together small.

Zoom will be extending it’s 40 minutes limit for the holidays. The unlimited calls will be available for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.