CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- We’ve been discussing creative ways the community has adapted to working out indoors. However, one group of individuals have been overlooked; senior citizens.

Mark Epstein is a former guidance counselor and sports coach. He now works as a personal trainer for senior citizens. Realizing that many elderly individuals rely on gyms to stay moving, he created a fitness guide specifically for their needs.

“I thought by putting together a program for them while they have so much down time,” says Epstein, “When they get back into the gym, it will be much easier for them to move forward.”

His guide is complete with stretching, strength training, balance and aerobic exercises. Epstein stresses the importance of starting with a good stretch to prevent injury.

“Even if you hold the stretch for just 10 or 15 seconds, when that burn goes away, you know you’re warmed up,” he says.

After you are warmed up, you can try one of the many exercises to choose from. Epstein’s goal was to show workouts that don’t require fancy equipment and could be customized to your challenge level.

For example, there are a number of chair exercises that can be done inside or outside. One of his personal favorites is called “Turkey out the Oven.”

Epstein’s hope is that people will share this guide to their friends and family to help keep everyone moving during this tough time.

For more details and instructions; see the full guide below.