CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- We are constantly finding new ways to adapt to life during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Now that gyms and fitness centers have closed their doors; you may find yourself tempted to skip a workout.

Experts say that exercising is crucial to combat stress and boost your immune system. Dr. Michael, an Epidemiologist at MUSC, recommends taking this time in quarantine to become as “tuned up as possible.”

“Get on your diet, go out and exercise, get plenty of rest and take care of yourself, he says. “De-stress your lives; because stress can impact your immune system.”

Using online workout videos and utilizing apps are a common way to exercise at home. However, one of the best ways to stay consistent with your goals is having someone to hold you accountable.

Mount Pleasant Fit Body Boot Camp members

Daniel Woodrum is the owner of Mount Pleasant Fit Body Boot Camp. He believes the “secret sauce” that motivates his clients is the community behind the workout.

He recently had to close his doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Within 24 hours; their workout family moved online so they could continue to exercise as a group.

“It’s been 10 days and the feedback, the support, and the positive vibes in the group has been absolutely amazing,” says Woodrum.

Everything they typically do in a gym can be done at home without any fancy equipment. As the days go on, more and more people have been joining in to the streams.

Woodrum noticed that kids have started working out alongside their parents at home. He’s now working on a kid-friendly workout to stream in the next few days.

“We’re going to have fun kid music in the background and just make it a little more entertaining,” he says. “Just to show the kids how exercise is really important that exercise and fitness are very important parts of your day.”

The streaming service is typically available exclusively to clients. Given the situation at hand; Woodrum wants to open up access to as many people as possible with a ’28 Day Stronger Together At-Home Challenge.’

“People need health and wellness now more than ever. We’re just trying to do everything we can to provide that support right now. Even if it’s just a 30 minute part of their day, if that can be the best part of your day; that’s all that matters to us,” says Woodrum.

For more information on Mount Pleasant Fit Body Boot Camp, you can email or call 843-779-1423.