RVs 4 MDs: Lowcountry residents donating mobile homes for healthcare workers


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- As our healthcare workers return home each day battling this pandemic, many fear that they are putting their families at risk for catching the virus.

Lowcountry neighbors want to make sure these employees have a place to rest safely in self-isolation. A Facebook group called “RVs 4 MDs” is helping connect mobile home owners with medical professionals.

“There were days were I would sit in my car and cry because I was terrified of bringing the virus into my home and to my children,” says Charleston nurse Beth Jessen.

Jessen used RVs 4 MDs to get in contact with someone who could lend her a RV or camper. Within a day she was matched with a family who brought a camper right to her house.

“They completely set up everything for me. I have all the comforts that I need like AC, bathroom, full kitchen, and a queen size bed. The camper is brand new so I actually feel pampered a bit,” says Jessen.

On the other end, Lowcountry resident Roberta Mayers offered her camper to a x-ray technician in need of a safe place to isolate.

“She lives with her parents, who have health conditions, so she wasn’t able to stay there so she’d been paying for a hotel,” says Mayers.

Mayers says that the mobile home is typically only used for dog shows; which have now been cancelled. She plans to continue passing the trailer along to healthcare workers for as long as she needs to.

“It’s available, it’s real, it’s happening. There are people out there with RV’s just waiting to be used. And we’re happy to help,” she says.

It’s people like Jessen and Mayers who reminds us how strong our community is in times of need.

There are still mobile home owners and healthcare professionals who are in need of a match. Click here to learn more about RVs 4 MDs.

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