The Democratic National Committee (DNC) will project a display near the U.S. Capitol on Monday night to bash House Republicans for going 20 days without a Speaker of the House.

The graphic will project on the National Gallery of Art East Building at 8 p.m. and aims to call out “the chaotic House Republicans for dragging on their clown show instead of delivering for the American people,” the DNC first told The Hill. 

You can see the video that will be projected here.

The building is located near the Capitol, facing Pennsylvania Avenue NW between 4th and 3rd Streets.

The graphic, first shared with The Hill, includes a photograph of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who led the Republicans’ move to oust former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), with the title “Welcome to the GOP clown show” under it.

Another graphic will display clown icons and “20 days without a Speaker.”

“Americans want strong and steady leadership, not this never-ending MAGA circus. Instead of honking at each other and jumping through hoops to find the most extreme speaker, House Republicans need to get their act together and join President Biden and Democrats who remain focused on delivering for hardworking families at home and standing up for our allies abroad. Enough with the GOP clown show,” DNC spokesperson Sarafina Chitika said in a statement.

The projection follows a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released Monday that found 2 in 3 respondents said the House should elect a Speaker as soon as possible.

House Republicans are set to hold a Speaker forum Monday evening to hear from the nine candidates who filed to run for the position. They are then expected to hold an internal election Tuesday.