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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – If you’re not strictly drinking water on Thanksgiving Day, whatever it is that you are drinking could be adding hundreds of extra calories.

“If you’re concerned about weight gain or health issues, you know instead of the heavier beer, drink lighter beer,” Certified Diabetes Educator Dr. Cathy Reinhart at Trident Medical said. “Or if you are drinking heavier beer, limit it to one or two.”

She suggests skipping the piña colada.

“You can probably drink you know, a rum and soda,” Dr. Reinhart said. “Or vodka and soda with a splash of pineapple or a splash of fruit juice or something.”

Those with health conditions should limit their supply.

Certified Dietician and Diabetes Educator Dr. Alexis Schulte said based on serving sizes, the recommendation is two drinks per day or less for men. One drink per day or less for women.

“A dry red wine can be a great alternative to have,” Dr. Schulte said. “You just want to make sure that you’re not drinking to excess because that’s going to add a lot of extra calories and a lot of weight gain.”

But maybe you’re not drinking alcohol on Thanksgiving Day… You still need to consider your options.

“With meals, I always recommend a low-calorie drink,” Dr. Schulte said. “So something water, or a diet, or an unsweetened beverage to go along with that.”

Dr. Schulte said portion control counts for drinks too.

“If you’re going to have a sweetened beverage like juice or soda or a cider of some sort, you do want to make sure that it’s of eight ounces or less because that’s a huge area of adding calories and sugar,” said Dr. Schulte.

Which can be anywhere upwards of 100 extra calories.

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