The Holy City will soon be home to it’s first Professional Equity Musical Theatre Company! Charleston Playhouse is planning to open their curtains for the first time in 2023 at Festival Hall.

Charleston Playhouse will feature Broadway actors, members of the Actors’ Equity Association and professional local talent. According to their mission statement:

“Charleston Playhouse is here to deliver a top-of-the-line theatre experience, while also giving local professionals the opportunity to further their careers by compensating every artist with a competitive weekly salary and offering them credit toward union membership.”

The playhouse’s founder Danielle LaVia says this is something that Charleston has needed for a long time.

“I was so confused that this place that is known for it’s culture and arts and theatre and all of these things and is named #1 city in America multiple times didn’t have that…You know, people want this. And we need it. And us as a community need it because we not only need to support the arts but we need to support the artists,” says LaVia.

To become a sponsor or get involved, you can visit Charleston Playhouse’s website by clicking here.