‘Kids Say the Darndest Things!’: News 2 Interns explain popular Gen-Z lingo

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Do you ever feel like “kids say the darndest things?” To help decipher some of Generation Z’s popular phrases and emojis, we asked News 2 Summer Interns Troy Dassing, Grace Lowe and Peyton Looney to hold a class explaining their favorite lingo.

Bop (noun): used to reference a good song or music album. “That song was a bop.”

Drip/Drippin’ Sauce: used to describe one’s outfit, specifically to say it is stylish. “That guy over there is drippin’ in sauce.”

WATCH: Storm Team 2 Chief Meteorologist Rob Fowler uses the term “drippin’ sauce” like a pro!

Living Rent Free: a phrase to describe a person, place or thing that is stuck in your head (in a good way). “Harry Styles lives rent free in my head every day because I want him there.” -Grace Lowe

Stan (noun): a term coined by Eminem’s song “Stan” to label someone who is a super fan of someone or something.

Cap/No Cap: a way to say someone is lying or telling the truth. Cap = you are lying. No cap = telling the truth.

BONUS: Emoji Education

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