Jaime Huffman is a Charleston-based social media influencer, business owner and most importantly– a mom!

She says her career didn’t blossom overnight. After years of hard work and moving all over the South, Jaime, her husband Erik and son Harper planted their roots into the Holy City. This is where she eventually became “Charleston Blonde.”

“It literally started with me and harper walking around Charleston taking pictures and posting them on Instagram,” she says. “So, to see what it is now is really really cool.”

Today, her Instagram page has over 77 thousand followers. Despite her “picture perfect” life on social media, Jaime believes it’s important to stay as authentic as possible.

“You know, life get’s really stressful and unfortunately on social media there’s a lot of comparisons. There’s a lot of who’s better — who does this — who has the most expensive house or car and that just doesn’t matter to me anymore.”

Jaime Huffman, Charleston Blonde

Jaime is also the owner and creative director of a social media marketing business called Jetsetter Social. This business has allowed her to travel all over the world (her favorite thing to do) and take Erik and Harper along for the ride!

“I run different social media accounts for different destinations, hotels, restaurants & spas. I also write travel blogs for different destinations…it’s really wonderful, you do a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally do. I just got to go on a hot air balloon in the desert in Phoenix, AZ. We’ve gone paragliding off volcanos in Maui, we’ve swam with sea turtles and we swam with manatees recently. It’s me, Erik and Harper and we get to do a lot of really cool stuff,” she says.

Balancing a busy life of travel and being a mom isn’t always easy. However, Jaime makes time to include 10-year-old Harper in as many ways as she can. For example, during the summer she takes Harper out to lunch at least once a week without cell phones so they can have “Harper Time.”

Jaime is a Disney World expert! Need some tips? Click here!

“Working and being a mom is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’ll be honest, I don’t ever think I’ll find that balance!” she says.

Jaime says there is one thing she and Erik decided to do for Harper to hopefully give him as many fun and exciting memories with their family.

“We stopped giving Harper gifts. So, for his birthday and Christmas we give him experiences. We let him pick – and sometimes it’s crazy what the kid comes up with – but he gets to pick and experience as his gift. Three years ago he wanted to see the Eiffel Tower…so we got him a trip to Paris that Christmas!” she says.

Want to know Jaime’s favorite places to shop, eat and play in the Holy City? You can click here for Charleston Blonde’s website and here for Jetsetter Social.