MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – County and state officials are weighing in on parking restrictions at the beach just days before Isle of Palms City Council is scheduled to hold a special meeting.

“The residents of West Ashley are being locked out of these beaches,” says Charleston County Councilman Brantley Moody.

Locked out of the beach, something that Councilman Moody says he has heard from many constituents in his district.

“I think this is a move to privatize the beaches, I think this is a move that these communities have wanted to make for a long time and COVID gave them the perfect excuse to do it,” says Moody.

State Senator Marlon Kimpson believes beach communities like the Isle of Palms are taking measures to ensure the safety of both residents and visitors.

“I think local government has to use all tools necessary to try to curve the pandemic we’re suffering from,” says Senator Kimpson.

Kimpson believes restrictions should be taken a step further on the beach communities and across the state.

“Personally I’ve advocated to close the beaches, to close the bars, to close the high exposure areas,” says Senator Kimpson.

A sacrifice of parking in hopes of a quicker return to normal.

“I certainly stand behind all the local governments that are taking it upon themselves to put in, in my view, reasonable restrictions,” says Senator Kimpson

Hopeful that restrictions are only temporary, Moody says he’s ready to pursue other options if restrictions remain in place.

“If it takes holding back you know road pavings and other project monies that these communities bring forward here in the next couple months, for them to maybe consider changing their ways,” says Moody. “That’s something I’m willing to do.”

Isle of palms Mayor Jimmy Carroll says he plans to vote in favor of allowing parking to return to the ocean side of Palm Boulevard but says his vote only counts for one of 9.