This weekend the SC Highway Patrol responded to three deadly wrecks in the Troop 6 region of the state. Saturday there was a wreck in Williamsburg County followed by two wrecks on Sunday.  One happened in Darlington County. The other happened in Dorchester County.

The busy weekend for Troop 6 begins what is commonly called the “100 deadly days” on our roads, the days between Memorial Day and Labor day.

“We are going to step up our enforcement,” Trooper Mathew Southern told News 2. “We are going to be looking for people that are speeding; aggressively driving; not wearing safety belts; and driving under the influence.”

“We will have additional troopers on the roadway,” Trooper Southern continued.

The handle the spike in drivers during the summer, the Highway Patrol is also working with county deputies and city police.

Troopers also warn drivers to keep an eye out for motorcycles.

“They are everywhere. Look for them, and share the road with them,” he asked.

This season is particularly deadly for teen drivers.  Experts say talk with your children about being distracted behind the wheel.

Experts say to create a formal agreement and enforce it. It’s also important you model it.

So far this year, 356 people died on our roads.  Roughly one out of  three wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

If you see what you think is a drunk driver and someone driving erratically, you can dial *HP to report them. Troopers say it’s helpful to tell dispatchers where you; what direction you’re heading; and a description of the car.