CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Some Charleston City leaders want to crack down on 18-wheelers parked overnight throughout West Ashley.  

Michael Allen is the Neighborhood President of Ashley Hall Manor. He said there’s been an increase in tractor trailers and other large equipment left overnight in parking lots up and down Sam Rittenberg Boulevard. This includes privately-owned property near the neighborhood.

Allen has brought the issue of overnight truck parking to the city in hopes of seeing change.

“We’re concerned about our livability and our quality of life,” Allen said. “And we feel that the trucks and all send a message that the perception is ‘hey everybody can come and park here and there’s no one watching.’”

City Councilman Peter Shahid agreed this is a problem and addressed it during a city council meeting earlier this week. He shared photos of parked trucks and a storage container left in the old Piggly Wiggly site on Sumar Street.

Signs posted throughout the city-owned property clearly indicate parking is not allowed.

“This is the gateway into the City of Charleston. This is a gateway into the birthplace of Charleston, the birthplace of South Carolina. You don’t want this to be a dumping ground. We are trying to revitalize these sites,” Shahid said.

The councilman is hoping to tackle the issue through city ordinances.

If those ordinances are effectual, then we should be enforcing them. If those ordinances don’t exist or are weak, I want to strengthen them up. But we should not have these rigs being parked next to neighborhoods,” Shahid explained.

In the meantime, city leaders said they will enforce the rules where parking is off limits.

“Usually, we try to contact the owner of these vehicles. If we can run the tags and let them know it is prohibited from parking, even though it is posted, so there is a chance that if you do park here over night you could be towed,” said Dan Riccio, the Director of Livability and Tourism for the City of Charleston.

Councilman Shahid said he is willing to work with truck drivers to find other places to park.