CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Football season is back and so are all those delicious game day foods. But, they’re not exactly the healthiest.

So, should you cut them out completely or is moderation okay?

“Number one, let’s think about sitting down for a football game, whether it’s at a stadium or on our couch, if it is a one-time thing during the week, where you’re going to have some wings or some things that you typically wouldn’t have on a regular basis, I think the key here is just portions,” advised Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, registered dietitian with Cleveland Clinic.

She said a good tip to keep in mind is pay attention to your hunger. Are you actually hungry or are you just mindlessly eating during the game?

And try to limit your alcohol intake too, which could impair your decision making when it comes to what to eat.

As for healthy alternatives, consider baking your wings instead or using an air fryer. You can also use a dry rub or sugar free sauce.

Rather than buying dip from the store, try making your own with fresh ingredients and having veggies on the side, like carrots and celery.

And if you’re at the game, swap out a hot dog for a grilled chicken sandwich.

“So really getting that fiber and nutrient density. Sure, the chicken sandwich will probably have a white bun. If they have a whole grain, you can go with that option,” said Kirkpatrick. “But again, if you go with that option, it’s going to be much better than let’s say getting a hot dog and getting some fries, onion rings or some other fried food.”

Kirkpatrick also suggests if you’re having people over, to put the food in the kitchen or dining room once everyone has eaten. That way there’s less of a temptation to randomly snack during the game.