CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – National Immunization Awareness Month is recognized every August to highlight the importance of vaccines.

Dr. Neha Vyas with Cleveland Clinic said this is a good opportunity to check in with your healthcare provider.

“People should set up an appointment with their primary care doctor to talk about the vaccines they need on a regular basis. Some of these vaccinations don’t happen yearly,” explained Dr. Vyas.

For adults, some of the important vaccines to keep in mind are shingles and pneumonia.

Dr. Vyas said those 50 years or older should be vaccinated for shingles, and adults should generally start considering the pneumonia vaccine at age 65.

According to Dr. Vyas, vaccine recommendations for pre-teens and teens must also be kept top of mind.

Vaccinations for meningitis and HPV should be considered starting at age 11.

Dr. Vyas adds it’s crucial to remember to get your booster doses for the vaccines that require them, like shingles and tetanus.

“Boosters are very important because the efficacy of vaccines goes down over time,” Dr. Vyas said. “For instance, tetanus needs a booster every 10 years. Another one is shingles, which needs the initial vaccine and then a booster approximately six months later.”

Dr. Vyas said it’s also a good idea to talk to your doctor before any travel to see if there are any vaccines to consider ahead of your trip.