Fasten your harness and get ready for a high-flying workout

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New ways to work out are always popping up across the country, especially during the holidays when everyone is gearing up for that New Year’s resolution. But, have you ever considered flying as a workout?

Fasten your harness and get ready for a high-flying workout. Fly to fit is fast-paced but low impact.

And, as you bust a move, you break out in a smile because this exercise program lifts more than your spirits — It gets you off the ground.

Fly to Fit is the brainchild of studio owner Tina Murphy. A certified fitness instructor who suffers from fibromyalgia.

“I love to workout. I love fitness and I have joint issues,” she said. “I was looking for something I could do and I could not feel pain.”

The bungee cords literally give you a lift, taking the strain off your joints. But don’t expect this to be, as Tina says, a fru-fru workout. You’ll hit all muscle groups and pump up your heart rate.

“The entire 45-minute workout is broken into 3 parts,” said Heather Joslin, a Fly to Fit instructor. “There’s an arm section and there’s a leg section and there’s a cardio section along with a warm up and cool down.”

And of course, the flying.

“The first drop down was scary,” said class participant, Maryann Ryan. “Thought I was gonna hit the mirror.”

But with Heather as the pilot, it was a smooth landing. And now she’s a regular.

It takes a few take-offs to get the knack of flying – but once you do, you realize there’s only one thing you need to join in.

“You gotta know how to have fun.”

Of course, experts suggest you should consult with your doctor before beginning any new workout program.

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