How eye makeup can affect your eye health

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Makeup can be a girl’s best friend, but without proper knowledge of eye care, it can also be her worst enemy.

That’s because makeup can lead to eye infections which, or worst case scenario, can lead to vision loss.

Dr. Sheekha Sethi sees firsthand how makeup can affect her patients’ eyes.

She says one of the biggest mistakes we make is keeping makeup too long.

There are bacteria in there that gets in your eye and causes infections on your lids or cornea.

“I’ve seen time and time again that patients come in with red eyes and itchy eyes, sandy, gritty feeling eyes and then especially in women, whenever I see these kinds of symptoms, I have to dig a little deeper and inquire about the products that they’re using,” said Dr. Sethi. “So many times I hear that I’ve been using this eyeliner or mascara for years now, it’s the same one and what I tell them they should be replaced every three months, it’s almost like a shock to them.”

Issues such as sties and pinkeye can be linked to lash extensions, which is why she recommends magnetic lashes, but only for special occasions as the weight of the magnetic lashes can cause your natural lashes to fall out.

“It’s just a magnet and you put it on and you take it off at the end of the day. There’s no risk of any kind of infection that way,” Dr. Sethi said.

And if you think you’ll save time by doing makeup in the car this morning… Dr. Sethi says to stop.

This is what can happen while you’re driving. She says patients scratch or hit their cornea with a wand or pencil

“If that’s not treated as soon as possible, there’s a risk of permanent vision loss then.”

Doctor Sethi says there are hundreds of glands that secrete oils and lipids that the eye needs.

Applying eyeliner to that area blocks those glands which can lead to irritation, dry eyes, and infection.

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