A Centers for Disease Control report finds more than 14-percent of Americans do yoga, up from less than 10-percent in 2012. And many are also getting into meditation.

Traffic, work, Instagram, kids, tweets, coffee, dinner, email, email… Lots and lots of email. 

With all that runs through our brains 24-7, it’s no wonder a growing number of people are turning to a calmer state of mind.

The CDC reports meditation rates have more than tripled from 4-percent in 2012 to 14-percent in 2017!

“I didn’t feel that I was calm at any point in the day. My mind was constantly racing,” said Shery Ramezanian who practices meditation.

Ramezanian credits meditation with giving her the ability to handle all of those racing thoughts when she was totally overwhelmed as a full-time lawyer and full-time student. 

Guru Ranjit Deora says the practice is about relaxation. People seek his guidance for simple reasons.

“They want peace,” said Guru Deora of Charlotte Meditation. “They want to be happy. They want to sleep better.”

…As well as more complicated reasons.

“I was stressed out, not in a good mood, tired, frustrated,” said Gustavo Levy, a 10-year-old who has been meditating for two years. 

He says he’s better able to focus in school and clearly keeps his calm when his patience is tested.


Even teaching the calming practice to his little brother. 

Guru Ranjit says children can usually start meditating successfully by age three.