SC woman loses nearly 100 pounds, lowers blood pressure

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Very often, blood pressure and weight go hand-in-hand. Something one South Carolina woman knows all too well.

But a scary visit to her doctor’s office changed her life.

Pauline McCollough, who lost nearly 100 pounds, can’t wait for any chance to get moving.

“I just love fitness and I love movement,” she said.

Movement that would have been difficult for her three years ago.

“When I first got more focused on my health journey, I was close to 270 pounds.”

Pauline was 28 when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure.

A condition that brought a stern warning from her doctor.

“I needed to get on high blood pressure medicines because if I didn’t I would, could possibly have a high risk of dying because my blood pressure was that high being close to stroke levels,” she said.

Pauline had been overweight for most of her life, though she was no stranger to exercise.

It was her diet that needed work.

“I read up on my fitness pal, started tracking my food. I did a little bit of changing out some of the type of stuff that I was eating,” she explained.

A recent study showed heart disease is targeting younger women.

Finding those admitted to hospitals were more likely to be African American women with high blood pressure, kidney disease or diabetes.

This week marks the three-year anniversary of Pauline becoming medication-free.

Now, almost 100 pounds lighter, she is happier, healthier and most of all… “I’ve gained a lot of confidence.”

“She is definitely an inspiration here in the gym and we’re blessed to have her in our tribe,” said Jamekka Richardson, Pauline’s trainer.

Inspiring others while improving her own health along the way.

Pauline also had some advice to pass along to those who are just starting out on their journey to lead a healthier lifestyle.

She says to stay on it, never give up and find some support to help you along the way.

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