News 2 has been following the story of Nick Price, the Academic Magnet student and soccer player who was diagnosed with pontine glioma, a tumor located in the pons area of the brainstem (very hard to reach) which is responsible for vital functions such as breathing, sleeping, bladder control and balance. The Price family traveled across the country seeking a surgeon that was willing to operate on Nick’s tumor and when they found Dr. Sanai and Dr. Spetzler at The Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona, they knew they were in good hands.

Nick went into surgery to have the tumor removed on Tuesday, June 16 and the family posted updates through the Facebook page: Pray for Nick.

As of late Tuesday night, Nick is now recovering in the ICU and his family says he is doing great and he is awake. He is talking and has all of his motor functions. During the surgery the doctors were only able to remove part of the tumor before Nick’s blood pressure started going up. They stopped the surgery and his blood pressure went back down. Doctors said the blood pressure spike was “the brain stem complaining.” They plan on doing an MRI to see how much of the tumor they got and they will decide if he needs to go back into surgery within the next few days. The good news, the tumor is low grade and slow growing and has not spread.

During the surgery, Nick’s dad, Russ, looked up and saw a green #17 sticker on the ceiling in the waiting room. It was the only sticker on the ceiling in the waiting room and it was the same color as the Kickin it with Nick shirts. The family saw this as a good sign and it helped them keep calm while waiting on Nick to come out of surgery.

Now, the family is waiting on the final results from the MRI and pathology before any decisions are made on a second surgery.

Nick’s family posted “we are so happy that he is doing well!! Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.”

Follow Nick’s story and stay updated on how he’s doing in Arizona here.