ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCBD) — It is perfectly natural, say alligator experts. However, recent sightings of alligators on Isle of Palm beaches has been catching the attention of beach goers.

“We saw a number people off the end of the island just taking photos,” said Mike Cuomo, who was walking the beach with his wife Thursday night, “We thought it was the dolphins coming by.”

Cuomo snapped a photo of the alligator near Wild Dunes golf course’s 18th hole. “It was struggling,” said Cuomo.

Earlier this week, a viewer sent in a video of another alligator getting tossed in the surf near 41st St. on the island.

“They’re on the island and a lot of the times they’re trying to get from the island back across to Mount Pleasant,” said Ron Russell of Gator Getters LLC.

Russell says a lot of people don’t understand what happens when they call DNR for an alligator. State law requires an alligator be destroyed after it’s removed.

Russell just wants people to be sure an alligator is a threat because before they call authorities, adding that the reptiles have been getting washed out to the beach for millions of years. “They don’t want to be there as much as people don’t want them there,” said Russell.