NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- After week one of Clear the Shelters dozens of animals have been adopted, but the Lowcountry’s animal shelters are still dealing with overcrowding.

“We need support for homes. That’s really what we need. Our biggest need is homes,” said Aldwin Roman, the Vice President of Operations and Strategy at the Charleston Animal Society. “In the first week we got some animals into homes, but it’s not enough.”

The shelter just finished its 31 Days to End Cruelty Campaign and has had great support from the community, but more than 50 adult dogs and several adult cats are still in their care.

“We can’t stop the flow of animals coming in. We can’t stop cruelty seizures from law enforcement. We have a role to help those animals and find justice for those animals,” said Roman. “They’re looking for someone to come and rescue them.”

Across the Lowcountry adoptions have been steady, but each shelter says that they need more help.

Charleston Animal Society wants to get the word out that the adult dogs are just as good as the puppies who are adopted in a matter of days.

“When we say big dogs people say ‘They all look the same,’ But, each one is an individual. Each one has it’s own personality. We want people to just come here, maybe if you’re just not sure, and spend some time with a couple of them,” said Roman. “I just fostered a puppy and I never want to foster a puppy again. It is so much work. An adult dog is already calmer, a little more relaxed, they just want to lay on a couch and lay on a bed.”

To get the older animals into new and loving homes, Charleston Animal Society is giving the following perks to anyone who adopts a dog or car older than one year.

  • Waived adoption fee
  • Spayed and neutered
  • Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Free bag of food
  • $50 shelter animal shop voucher

As animals keep coming into the shelter, Roman is hopeful that there will be more adoptions.

“Hopefully in week two we can double that and in week three triple that. That’s the number of animals we have that are waiting,” said Roman.