Are people really moving to Canada?


You have probably seen the posts on Facebook from people saying they are moving to Canada because of president-elect Donald Trump.

Canada’s immigration site crashed on Election Day. You may have also seen billboards from local real estate agent Jeff Cook who offers to sell your house if you’re headed to Canada. Cook says he’s received hundreds of calls following the election. We sent News 2’s Ashley Yost to get reaction to these threats of moving north.

She asked people a simple question—”What do you think about people who say they are moving to Canada?”

Majority of the responses were something like this:

“I think that’s an over-reaction.”

“I think it’s just people running their mouths.”

“I think they’re just saying that for right now, but then they haven’t really realized what the future may be as of now.”

“They’re venting that’s basically it.”

“I got no comment on that. That’s just ridiculous stuff.”

Some responses were funny:

“I think he might just be the President of Canada. He’s going to follow you there so you should just stay.”

“I think they should just pack their bags and take off.”

“It’s like jumping out of the fire into the flame.”

Others had a more serious reaction:

“He won. All we have to do it stand together. There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s not going to change anything. We need to have a little more positivity instead of hatred.”

“It just seems like you’re throwing away an awesome life, no matter who is president. We’ve got it better than a whole lot of people.”

One Gentleman kept it simple when he said, “that’s up to them,” and he added, “they always say that about a new president anyhow, regardless of who.”

We looked into the last comment that people always say something like this about a new president. Google Trends shows a drastic spike of people searching “how do I move to Canada” this year. The graph also shows a small peak representing similar buzz back when George W. Bush took office for his second term also. However, there is little evidence showing people followed through.

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