Are sinkholes near the IOP Connector a reoccurring issue?


MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – After a $1.5 million dollar maintenance project to fix a sewer line failure causing sinkholes was approved, a sinkhole opened up Thursday due to another sewer line failure. 

Thursday, one lane on Highway 17 between the Isle of Palms Connector and Six Mile Road shut down because of a sinkhole.

The Water Commission says the sinkhole opened up due to a sewer line failure, which is also known as a water line break. The same thing happened in December of last year at the IOP Connector near Hungry Neck Blvd.  The two breaks occurred just 0.6 miles away from each other. 

Shortly after the December water line break, the Water Commission approved funding a $1.5 million dollar replacement project because they said there was corrosion inside the wastewater line. 

A Geologist said these breaks happen over time. 

“Water line breaks, anytime you have pressurized water under the ground, it finds a weak spot to get out of,” Will Doar said. “If it happens to be under a sidewalk or something hard like that, it can wash out for hours before the sidewalk or roadway collapses into it. You may not even know there’s a problem until that actually happens.”

News 2 asked the Water Commission if the replacement project was supposed to prevent another sinkhole from happening, but they have not responded to the question at this time. 

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