GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – At the Goose Creek Municipal Center, hundreds of families gathered for the city’s annual back-to-school event, known as Kids Fest.

The fest is just one of many back-to-school events that took place across the Lowcountry Saturday.

The Lowcountry community came together to prepare students for their return to the classroom.

“It’s a joint effort with community and friends who have come to help support in this initiative,” Charleston County School Board Chair Reverend Dr. Eric Mack said. “Trying to make sure the kids are readily prepared as they go back into school.”

On Johns Island, Mack hosted his third annual school supply giveaway.

“We’re just grateful to be able to supply these supplies to students and hope and pray that we’ll have a great, successful year,” Mack said.

Summerville Police also doing their part by having the community stuff their MRAP tactical vehicle full of supplies that will be donated.

“The response from the community has been wonderful,” Sgt. Montez Aiken from the Summerville Police Department said. “I mean, you guys have really shown up and shown out. So, it’s been a positive response from the community.”

Organizers of Kids Fest in Goose Creek say the event is meant to help students get a great start to the new school year.

“We’re here to kind of get the group together and get the city and residents together,” Goose Creek’s recreation director Crystal Reed said, “excited for the school year. So, we just want everyone to feel like this is your hometown.”

Many parents also believe the event was a great way to kick-off the school year.

“Well, it’s a great back-to-school kind of starter,” Lisa Christie said. “I know a lot of the kids’ friends are here and it’s just a great community. We knew that there was going to be tons of games, tons of fun. And just kind of get back into the swing of things.”

And now that Kids Fest is finished, students are eager to get to school.

“I’m excited to do all the rotations and things,” one student said. “And I’m excited to learn, and I’m just excited to meet new friends.”