BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Alex Murdaugh remains behind bars a day after his bond was denied in a Richland County Courtroom on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, News 2 uncovered tax records documents showing several properties at least partially owned by Alex Murdaugh have fallen behind on taxes. This isn’t the first Middaugh-owned property uncovered that’s behind on taxes.

These eight Beaufort County properties all on St. Helena Island have back taxes due. Some of the missed payments date as far back as 2019. Murduagh is a partial owner in all of the properties. Tax amounts owed on the properties range from just a few dollars to more than a hundred dollars.

Beaufort County property tax records show Murdaugh co-owns the eight St. Helena Island properties with a Barrett T. Boulware.

The properties are small tracts of land ranging in size from less than an acre to more than 20 acres of land. Some of the properties are listed as islands with “boat access only” and are situated in the coastal and marshy parts of the county. Several of the properties lack any structures or buildings.

The eight properties join the Murdaugh family beach house on Edisto Island which News 2 recently reported thousands of dollars are owed on.

This isn’t the first connection between the Boulwares and Alex Murdaughs, Colleton County records show the Boulwares sold the Moselle property to Alex Murdaugh in an a land sale.

These same records uncovered various other properties owned by the two and several LLC holdings registered with the state for businesses including fishing and seafood companies, investment companies and at least one for medical services. Some of them are tied to the Beaufort County properties.

News 2 is working to learn more about the connections