Berkeley Chief Deputy Rick Ollic tells News 2 why he wants to be sheriff

Berkeley Chief Deputy Rick Ollic tells News 2 why he wants to be sheriff (Image 1)_8772

We are in the middle of our series of interviews with each candidate running for Berkeley County Sheriff.

Current Berkeley County Chief Deputy Rick Ollic talked to us about his run. “I’ve been serving the Berkeley County Sheriff’s office and citizens of Berkeley County since 1986.”

He says working with three sheriff’s has given him unique experience. “There’s no learning curve with me. There will be no transition. I’ve already began the transition when I was your interim sheriff.”

He says he has a plan. “I believe that the biggest thing we’ve got to do is, we’ve got to get back in our communities. That’s what my better together plan is all about.”

Chief Ollic says it’s a plan he began implementing, “when I was interim sheriff. I immediately opened up substations throughout the county because I think it’s important that we foster that relationship, not only with the sheriff’s office, but our community, to build trust through that working relationship, and we can do better to be public servants in their communities.”

He wants to focus on high school shadow and police explorer programs to help teenagers discover their future. “I think that’s important because we don’t need these young people on the streets. We need these young people working together with us, and to foster their growth.”

“I’m further wanting to not have it where we’re the training ground for other law enforcement agencies.” He says working with the county supervisor and council can allow them to keep good deputies. “Working toward getting better salaries for our deputies, so we don’t lose them to other agencies. And also, already working toward time and a half for those deputies as we did for our jail.”

I asked Ollic about a fairly recent FBI investigation involving the sheriff’s office. When we asked if he testified, Ollic said, “I have never been subject to any FBI probe, any SLED probe in my 28 years in law enforcement. That was a separate incident. I was never involved. I have no knowledge of what that was about, and I’ve never been a part of that at all.”

Ollic says keeping the county safe needs to be a priority. “Public safety has to be the forefront for Berkeley County. We’ve been left behind. The new supervisor and council sees that, and I’ve partnered with them already. And great things have already happened.”

“I’ve been through three sheriff’s, I’ve been up and down by rank, but I never went anywhere else. I believe this is the greatest county. I love the people of Berkeley County, and I want to continue to serve them as their sheriff.”

14 candidates will face off in the April 21st GOP primary. A democrat and a petition candidate are planning to be on the general election ballot June 9th.

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