The loss of three young men who were in the prime of their lives has devastated Walterboro and the Smoaks communities. 

Tykeem Johnson, JaShawn Brown and Jakeem Pinckney died after their car ran off an I-95 exit in Jasper County Wednesday night.

O’Shay Wiggins, who was also in the car, survived but was airlifted to a Savannah hospital. 

Tykim Carver was best friends with Tykeem Johnson. “We grew up together. We used to live down the street.”

The best friends had different interests. “He was in to sports and basketball. I was in to shoes and clothes and stuff like that.”

But growing up, they had a blast doing just about anything. “We used to just ride around. We’d go to Walterboro, we’d go to McDonalds, play football together.”

He said he was long time friends with Jakeem Pinckney, who also died in the crash. “I used to spend the night with him all the time. When they told me he was gone I just broke down.”

He also hung out with JaShawn Brown and O’Shay Wiggins, the other two in the vehicle.

He said he’s never experienced something like this. “That was like the first time I had somebody close to me gone… They told me he was gone.”

Tykim tried to hold back tears when talking about his best friend Tykeem, but he just couldn’t. “It’s like a piece of my heart left this world man. I gave that boy my heart since I met him. There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t have done for him. Oh man.”

O’Shay Wiggins is still at the Savannah Memorial Hospital where we were last told he was in critical condition. 

At this time, we do not have any details on funeral arrangements for the other young men.