Beware of “Avocado Hand,” the kitchen injury of Superbowl Sunday


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Guacamole is a common side dish to bring to a Superbowl party. However, some that have tried to prepare the dip have ended up in the emergency room before the game even starts.

A study shows that over 27,000 avocado injuries have occurred in the last 7 years. That number is expected to rise with the surplus of individuals cooking this weekend.

Dr. Kenneth Perry from Trident Medical Center says that he sees a rise in cooking-related injuries during this time of year.

“The emergency department on days like Superbowl Sunday are plagued with people that have small little things happen that they’re not paying attention to,” he says. “All of a sudden they’re cut on cans that they are not opening the right way, or knives that slip off of avocados.”

Since avocados are high in healthy fats, they’re a pretty slippery fruit. Even a few members of the News 2 Team have fallen subject to “Avocado Hand.”

News 2’s Temple Ricke shared that she too is a victim of an avocado-related injury. While trying to de-pit the fruit, she ended up with stitches.

Dr. Perry says that most of the time these cuts can be mended fairly quickly. In less common situations, serious damage can take place.

“If it gets really bad, and it’s actually cut and severed tendons or cut into really deep parts of the hand, sometimes we have to involve an orthopedic surgeon, and possibly go to the operating room,” he says.

The question is, how can these common injuries be avoided?

Firstly, making sure to hold the avocado horizontally while bearing down on a surface. You can see in the demo below a safer way to slice.

Dr. Perry also suggests not holding the avocado in your hand when removing the inside portion.

“A good ripe avocado will cut right through into your hand,” he says. “So a little bit more done on the counter top and a little less done on your hand, and you might actually stay home for the game; rather than come visit us.”

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