Conquering the Cooper River Bridge Run

Bridge Run

Charleston, S.C. (WCBD)- The 42nd annual Bridge Run is tomorrow bringing competitors from all over the world to the Lowcountry. Conquering this 10k is a huge feat, and one Lowcountry woman is looking forward to the uphill battle. 

Susan Cram-Smith, a fine arts director and dance teacher at First Baptist School says she was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2015. She describes the news as “world rocking”. The news followed closely behind her 31st birthday at a time she believed she was perfectly healthy, “I had passed a physical three weeks prior with a clean bill of health so it was surprising to get that and a little isolating as well as a young adult.”

Cram-Smith says that she was always active prior to the diagnosis but her post-cancer abilities are not the same, “My “new normal” means I’m not at the physical ability level I was before my body became affected by treatments. My body, in a dance class, can’t do what it used to be able to do, or at least not as well as it used to be able to do it. That’s what I like about running. It’s new, so there is no Pre-Cancer comparison or frame of reference. I have no running bench marks that I’m falling short of. It’s all new so without comparison to life before cancer, every run, every new distance or race is all a series of victories instead of tiny failures”.

Cram-Smith has been training with The Boon Project, a group for young adults fighting cancer, and she says she would not be where she is today with their encouragement, “The support we all receive from each other is encouraging as we try to just take back some control over our bodies”.

When asked about her expectations for the Bridge Run, Cram-Smith said she doesn’t have any certain time or pace in mind… she just wants to cross the finish line.

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