CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Thousands are preparing to lace up their shoes for the 46th annual Cooper River Bridge Run on Saturday, but could the weather have other plans?

According to Storm Team 2, an anticipated cold front could produce windy conditions on Saturday morning with gusts between 20 and 25 mph on the ground and between 30 and 40 mph atop the Ravenel Bridge.

“The higher you get, you’re not going to encounter friction like buildings and trees which tends to slow the winds down,” Chief Meteorologist Rob Fowler explained. “The winds are going to be stronger up at that level 200 feet above the roadway.”

There is also a risk of isolated showers on Saturday, but current models indicate the rain will likely stay at bay until after race time.

“I don’t think the rain is going be an issue for the run, but there will probably be showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon,” Rob said.

As of now, no changes have been made to the Bridge Run, organizers said they will continue to monitor the forecast and make adjustments as needed.

“We will follow recommendations from our weather experts,” Race Director Irv Batten said. “Everything will be in the best interest of the safety of participants.”

As always, you can stay up-to-date with the latest Bridge Run forecast by downloading the Storm Team 2 weather app.