Burglary at West Ashley hardware store prompts owner to take action

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Many local businesses have been victims of theft recently, and after West Ashley Hardware was broken into early Wednesday morning, the owner of the store is finally saying he’s had enough.

West Ashley Hardware owner Waylon Cain says he’s upset after a recent break-in at his store.

“I think I speak for all the small business retail stores,” Cain said. “We’re tired of it.”

Cain said the alleged thief was at his store earlier that day.

“The person came in the day before,” he said. “Scouted it out, saw the power tools. Even if the alarm was going off it wouldn’t have mattered.”

Several power tools totaling more than $1000 were stolen, and Cain says holding the thief accountable is his top priority.

“It’s the principal,” he said. “We want to increase the accountability for those who are doing the acts of theft.”

Cain posted a picture of who he believes the suspect to be, as well as that person’s vehicle on Facebook.

Now, he’s asking for the community’s help.

“They can remain anonymous,” Cain said. “That’s not a problem. And if it pans out, I’ll give them a reward for it. Once again, it’s just a reward for helping to hold those bad individuals accountable.”

Cain says shoplifting is common at his store and Wednesday’s burglary is a lesson he doesn’t want to learn again. “It’s going to happen,” he said. “I just wish it didn’t happen this much. We have shoplifters that hit us. We have like what we had the other night. We just take new measures every time something happens. You have to learn that way sometimes.”

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