Bus monitor accused of hitting special needs child


What would you do if your child came home with bruises and said the school bus monitor did it?

That’s exactly what happened in Beaufort County, and now civil and criminal courts are involved.

Unlawful neglect of a child.

Physical and mental abuse.

Severe and lasting bodily injuries.

Those are the terms connected to what happened on a Beaufort County bus last year between Lillian Jackson and a 3 year old boy.

You first saw the shocking video when the case first came up in February of 2015. Video of one day, one bus, one case of what appears to be abuse by a Beaufort County bus monitor. Abuse of a boy who came home with bruises on his leg and arm.

“Based on the video, we did get warrants for her arrest, she was arrested,” explained Scott Chandler of the Bluffton Police Department in February of 2015

She is Lillian Jackson.

The 63-year-old Durham Bus company worker was arrested and charged with unlawful neglect of a child.

But new video WSAV obtained from the Solicitor’s office shows why that one count is now seven.

The video is from two days, January 27 and 28th of 2015, on a bus headed to and from Bluffton Elementary.

After pouring through more than two hours of footage, News 3 found there were not just seven different incidents, but more than 45 in all of Jackson punching, slapping, manhandling and grabbing the 3-year-old special needs boy.

The 3-year-old is described as “non-verbal”. Many of the abusive tactics were apparently to try and get him to cover his mouth when he coughed.

But you can see Jackson in several spots seemingly going out of her way to hit the boy, while never during the same video could you see her getting overly physical with any other student.

The boy’s mother has filed a civil suit as well against both Beaufort County Schools and Durham Buses.

In the suit she says she started telling the School system about abuse as early as September of 2014.

That September police report said Jackson bruised the boy’s wrists in the incident.

But school officials did not take action then, or at all, until Jackson’s arrest five months later.

Beaufort County school officials say Jackson was “acting outside her capacity” as a special needs bus monitor and they are not responsible for her actions.

Both the criminal and civil cases are still pending in a Beaufort County court. Jackson is no longer working with school children.

Durham Bus company says that all their employees go through training on how to deal with special needs children. They don’t know why Jackson would do something like this.

If she’s convicted, Jackson could get up to 10 years in prison for each charge.

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