GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – A local business is getting hate mail because of a Facebook post employees made talking about recent reported clown sightings.

Modern at Keller Williams in Greenville posted on their Facebook page over the weekend a picture of a clown claiming the business sells “clown free homes”.

The business sent 7News a statement saying,“We weren’t using it as a business tactic so much as to lighten the mood about the whole idea of clowns.  It was a general response to a lot of the hoopla surrounding the issue.  We’ve received a lot of hate mail already for the graphic so we don’t want to add fuel to the fire.  While we understand it’s a sore subject for some people, we also know people in the area the “clown” phenomenon started and know it was originally a hoax. Since it’s obtained national attention we just wanted to bring a little local humor to it.”  

Law enforcement has not found evidence that the sightings are fictional.

The post has been shared more than a dozen times, and many people who commented did find the humor in the post.

However, people living in the affected areas don’t think it’s funny.

“I’m a parent of a child who was almost abducted, and they’re saying it’s a laugh,” said Donna Arnold, who reported the first clown sighting in the Upstate. “They’re playing fun on it. It’s not fun and games anymore.”

People living in Fleetwood Manor, one of the apartment complexes where there have been reported clown sightings, said the kids living there are afraid to play outside now because they are scared the clowns are going to get them.

But jokes aside, people who’ve been affected have one plea to make.

“Please stop,” Arnold said. “These kids don’t need all of this. We have kids who can’t even sleep now because of it.”

As of Monday night, Modern at Keller Williams had not removed the post.