More than 11 years after a North Charleston woman vanished, investigators hope an upcoming cable show can help dredge up clues about her disappearance.

Brandy Hanna was last seen May 20, 2005 after working a double shift at Alex’s Restaurant on Dorchester Road.

Next Monday, the Investigation Discovery channel will air an episode on her case.

Years after her daughter’s disappearance, Donna Parent remembers exactly where she was when she got the news. “The night that Brandy disappeared I was at work at Alex’s and a feeling just overcame me,” said Parent, “it’s hard for a lot of people to understand, but if you’re a mother, you know.”

“People don’t just disappear.” said Parent, who wears a pin with her Brandy’s face on it when she is out in public. “There is no closure,” added Parent as she wiped away tears.

In 2009, Sergeant Ron Lacher was milling through old case files when he came across Brandy Hanna’s. “Something about it drew me to her,” said Lacher,”it was something that said I need to look into into this, I need to work on it.”

Lacher re-opened Hanna’s case in February of 2011. Just three months later, he discovered what he believed to be Hanna’s shoe in the mud under an abandoned dock at the Charleston Naval Yard. Lacher says the night Hanna went missing she was described to be wearing a pair of white and blue women’s Nike cross trainers, she was a size 10. “The shoe that I dug up was size 10.5,” said Lacher, “DNA came back inconclusive – we can’t confirm or deny that it’s her shoe but in my mind I don’t see how it cannot be her shoe.”

Nothing else panned out from the the site from where the shoe was found even after he poured over it with archaeologists.

The 15-year law enforcement veteran has been following up on phone tips for the last half decade. However, he’s hopeful the ID Discovery channel show will bring more people forward with information on what happened to Brandy Hanna and says one individual did recently.”Clearly it’s a cold case because it’s been 11 years” said Lacher, “hopefully with the show airing and people seeing it maybe someone else will have the same information we got a couple weeks ago and be able to articulate a little more.”

The episode titled “Love Triangle” airs at 8 p.m. on Investigation Discovery. Check your local listings.