Call Collett: Employees waiting months to get paid


A Lowcountry woman says her paycheck bounced, and she’s still waiting for a second check in the mail. After trying to reach her employer to no avail, she called Collett.

The job at Burger King paid the bills for Krista Fosler.  

“I would sweep and mop; clean the tables; clean the windows,” she explained from her Summerville home to Rebecca Collett.

Krista and her son both have autism.  The money she made working at BK paid for appointments with doctors.

Her store on Trolley Road in Summerville, and four others owned by a company called T. Bayou LLC, closed unexpectedly earlier this summer. The last check Krista received bounced. She’s still waiting on a second check. Her mother, Teresa Slosar, whom handled Krista’s finances, says Krista is out about $300. Plus she incurred an insufficient funds fee for the bounced check.

“My concern is that we’re never going to see the money,”  Teresa told News 2.

And after multiple attempts to reach the HR department,  the family called Collett for help recovering the money.

A spokesperson at Burger King’s corporate office told News 2: “The restaurants are independently owned and operated.  Employees should contact the restaurant owner.”

The local owner, Bennie Arbour,  admitted some employees didn’t received their final checks and some checks bounced. He apologized.  He said his accounts are on hold pending a legal battle with the previous owners of his five locations, but he confirmed everyone would get paid. He couldn’t says exactly when.

“I’m in a tough spot with my attorney team working on wrong doing of several that forced me to shut the business down,” he explained. “I’m working on the logistics to clean everything up and will be back in touch to clear all this up.”  

Employees like Krista were able to move to other locations with other owners to keep working, but she’s frustrated waiting on payments for services rendered months ago.  

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