Call Collett: Gravy dump ruins Sunday suit


A Lowcountry man headed to a buffet after Sunday worship, and he was drenched with gravy.   The incident left his suit ruined, so he asked the buffet chain to reimburse him for a new suit.  When they wouldn’t, he called Collett for help.

“This wasn’t a bad meal,” Patricia Brown explained to News 2.  “It wasn’t bad service.”

It was a gravy dump.  Her husband, Andrew, was standing at the Ryan’s Family Steakhouse buffet when an employee carrying a refill of brown gravy tripped.

“It just fell right on me,” Andrew explained.

“He was covered from his eyebrows to his shoes,” his wife described the situation she saw unfold from their table where she was sitting with her granddaughter.

Patricia says staff rushed to help wipe up the mess, but the damage was done to the suit. The staff told the family to have the suit professionally cleaned, and the company would reimburse them.

The couple took the suit their drycleaners, but the owner sent it back. He said the intense cleaning would damage the suit.  At this point, the couple had to get a new one.

“He’s an usher at church and he needs the suit every first and third Sunday,” Patricia explained.

Their expectation was the company would reimburse them, so the couple took in the $195 receipt.

“Initially they were going to offer us a free meal. You can’t compare a free meal to a new suit. I went around with them for a while, and that’s when I called you,” Patricia told Count on 2 investigator Rebecca Collett.

When we contacted the Summerville restaurant, the General Manager said he wasn’t aware of the situation.  When we called the corporate office in Texas, a spokesman there told us they were unaware the suit had already been taken to a dry cleaners.  He said the letter from the dry cleaner and the receipt for the new suit were never submitted to the corporate investigators.   So we forwarded it to them.  Some 20 days later, the Browns were back at Ryan’s picking up their reimbursement.

After Ryan’s launched their own internal review, they decided to reimburse the family for the suit and the attempted dry cleaning.

“The manager here was happy we were able to resolve it. Good things come to those who wait,” Patricia said.

In a statement, a spokesman for Ryan’s wrote, “We are happy that we could correct the situation.”

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