A Lowcountry woman gets the surprise of her life following Call Collett report

Call Collett

The manager of the local Belk wanted to help a woman featured in a Call Collett report who was out hundreds of dollars after FedEx denied her claim when the company lost her packages.   

Fran Dezinna first called Collett after FedEx lost her two packages packed full of personal items, including shoes, clothes, and makeup. Fran had shipped the items home after a family vacation out of state.

She estimated FedEx lost $1800 worth of her belongings.

“Since October 21st, all we do is back and forth and back and forth,” Fran explained to News 2.

The company initially wouldn’t reimburse her despite admitting they “misdelivered” the packages.

“Regretfully, despite attempts to recover these packages, our efforts have been unsuccessful,” The company spokesperson wrote via email.  

Apologizing for the inconvenience, the company recommended Fran file a claim.


“We are working directly with the customer to reach a final resolution on this matter, including the process of filing a claim,” the company spokesperson wrote to News 2.

The problem seemed resolved by November 28, 2018.

“I figured it would be over once the claim was in,” Fran told News 2 during a follow-up interview.

Two days after the initial story aired, a letter responding to her claim arrived.  The company denied the claim stating records showed the packages arrived at the correct address.

Fran was stunned and frustrated.

On Dec 4th, News 2 contacted FedEx again to find out why the claim was denied. The company said they couldn’t say, but on December 7th they paid $112 on the $1,800 claim. 

“I can’t afford to replace these things,” Fran explained, disappointed with the settlement. “It’s too expensive.”

What she didn’t know is that during the follow-up interview with News 2, Belk manager, Susan McWatters, was on the way to Fran’s apartment with a big check.

After seeing our story, Belk offered to give Fran $500 to shop and replace shoes, clothes, and makeup.

“The company came to the plate instantly when they heard what happened to her,” McWatters told News 2. “It broke our hearts.”

McWatters says through Belk’s Project Hometown the company donates to local people in need.

“One of our pillars is that we serve the community in which we reside,” McWatters explained.

McWatters offered to shop with Fran after the holidays, and she even offered to drive Fran to the Belk at Citadel Mall if Fran needed transportation.

“Oh my God,” Fran said as McWatters presented her with the check. “This is a godsend. It’s the best thing to ever happen to me. I never got anything this big.”

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