Call Collett: Broken furniture claim stalled for months with warranty company

Call Collett

A Lowcountry woman with a warranty and approved claim can’t get her broken furniture fixed despite months of calls to the warranty company.


Melinda Rupp paid $1456 for her couch and love seat.   She paid an extra $99 for an extended warranty through GBS Warranty Service LLC.  It was her first big furniture purchase.


 In August, four years into her five year warranty, she needed to take advantage of the policy after her couch broke.


“The whole bottom piece of the frame just cracked,” Melinda explained to News 2.


Until it was fixed, no one could sit on the couch.


“Our first phone call was on the 6th of August,” Melinda recalled, showing her meticulous written records of her ordeal.


Phone call after phone call and month after month, she tried to get resolution but her couch was still broken. The employees at GBS couldn’t give her a straight answer about when it would be fixed or why the process was taking so long.


“On the 20th of September they said they were shipping us the part,” she said, pointing to another page of notes.


That part never came. After three months of waiting for the repair, Melinda called Collett.


“We just feel like they are stalling and stalling and stalling,” she explained, frustrated with not being able to use her couch.


 News 2 investigators started working on this story on November 6. After two weeks and multiple emails, the company could still not give a straight answer on when the couch would be fixed.


On November 20th , the President of GBS, Jeff McWey, called News 2.


McWey explained that the store in California where Melinda bought her set was out of business. The part GBS ordered to fix the couch had mistakenly been sent there. That explained part of the delay.  


And since the store was closed and Melinda had moved out of state, McWey explained that technically the company could just refund the $99 policy.  But instead, he offered to reimburse her for the entire cost of the couch and love seat.


“We want to cover every single legitimate claim,” McWey said over the phone. Adding,  “We hate these situations.” 


McWey rushed the reimbursement check so the family could get new furniture in time for the holidays. Within 24 hours of the call, the $1400 check was in Melinda’s mailbox.


“I felt that it was fair,” Melinda told News 2 Friday.


With the reimbursement in hand, she took advantage of black Friday shopping.


“We didn’t have it for Thanksgiving, but we will have it in time for Christmas,” she said with a smile, glad the ordeal is over.


Her furniture was delivered Monday.


The best advice from consumer experts is to keep notes on people  you talk with when you file any claims. If you aren’t getting resolution, ask for a supervisor. And if you still can’t get a solution, try taking your complaint online to a public forum like Facebook.

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