Call Collett: Contractor claims he can’t finish fence because employees quit

Call Collett

An out of control driver rammed into a utility pole and rolled through a fence and gate at a business on Meeting Street. 

Sean Lehn, the manager at Shoreline Power Services, says the fence is vital to protecting his company, an electrical contractor.  

“We’ve been broken into twice in the last 12 months,” he explained from his office.  

Lehn set about collecting bids and interviewing fence companies to install a new fence with an electric opener.  He hired Ron Chabot with Multitrade Construction for the job.  The total job was just over $4,000.  Sean paid half upfront.  That was in May. The job still isn’t done.

“The gate itself can’t support its own weight. It’s so thin it bows in the middle,” Lehn explained. 

Plus, Ron and Multitrade Construction never supplied the automatic gate opener.  

I contacted Ron Chabot.  He explained the job was incomplete because he couldn’t retain help.

“You probably know better than I do why they give out unemployment like candy to kids around here,” Ron explained over the phone. 

 Plus, he claims he was only paid for half of the project so far.  That money covered the supplies.  

“I’ll go on record and say they paid me a materials check and they have all the materials,” Ron explained.

He later admitted he hadn’t supplied the actual gate opener, and he owed Shoreline $900 for it.

The telephone interview with Ron was on October 2nd.  He said Multitrade would cut a check for that opener by Friday, October 12.  As of Monday October 15, Shoreline hasn’t received a reimbursement.

The next step is court.

 Consumer experts warn that if you’re hiring a contractor, set up a payment schedule. Then, only pay as milestones are reached.  Often contractors will expect half of the project costs upfront,  but a strong and  stable company will work with you on paying in increments.

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