Call Collett: Man out $600 after airliner canceled flight, reimbursement delayed

Call Collett

A Lowcountry man was supposed to receive a reimbursement check ten days after a canceled flight.  After four months, the airline stilled owed him nearly $600.


On the way home from a funeral in September 2018, Patrick Bucci’s travel plans hit a snag at the airport.  

“We got there at seven or eight and at noon or one they told us it was canceled,” Patrick explained to News 2’s Rebecca Collett.

His carrier, Frontier Airlines, gave each passenger a letter with directions to rebook on another airline and expect a reimbursement within 10 days.

So Patrick spent another $589 for flights home for himself and his sister.   

Once he got home, he waited for the check. The ten day waiting period turned into four months of calling Frontier for an explanation. When he finally got a reimbursement, the check was expired.

That’s why Pat called Collett.

“When I got the check, I was happy. Then I realized I couldn’t even cash it,” he explained.

News 2 contacted Frontier Airlines on Patrick’s behalf.

 “Our Customer Care department was able to look into it. They said the check was issued September 7 but the address provided for the reimbursement was missing the apartment number…They suspect that had something to do with the delivery delay,” a spokesman wrote via email.


That check cut on September 7th arrived with an apartment number on the envelope. The check was written to Patrick’s sister.  


When News 2 reached out to Frontier again, they said they would further investigate the problem.  A spokesman confirmed Patrick would receive a new reimbursement check.


“The only way I could get them to contact me was by going through you guys,” Patrick said.

In an email to Patrick on Monday, the same day News 2 contacted Frontier, the company apologized for the lengthy delay and confirmed they would expedite a check.

“I immediately got happy. I couldn’t believe I was hearing from them,” he said.

The company confirmed the check would arrive within two weeks.

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