Call Collett: Option to address flooding, avoid government runaround

Call Collett

Charleston, SC – Dorothy Grooms moved into her home 52 years ago. Two years ago flooding became a problem. The rain and subsequent flooding is washing out her road and making it hard to leave her home until the water recedes. She says the problems started when new homes were built behind and beside her old Charleston neighborhood in West Ashley.

“It’s all cracked up,” she explained as she showed Rebecca Collett the street outside her home. “We had drainage until they built houses behind Joann’s house.”

She’s been to speak at the Charleston City Council meeting. She collected signatures on a petition and waited for months for resolution.

“The city says it’s the county. The county says it’s the city,” she explained. “I talked to other people, and they said maybe you could help us.”

Her complaint is a common concern viewers voice to News 2. Homeowners don’t know who to call to report flooding issues and problems go ignored. News 2 took the issue to Senator Sandy Senn. She heads up the Intergovernmental Flood Prevention Taskforce.

“This Taskforce is not designed to come up with gigantic fixes that cost millions of dollars, but every entity has a budget for things like repairs,” Senator Senn explained from her West Ashley law office.

Repairs include cleaning or expanding ditches and removing blockages.

“We get every entity together that has a right-of-way or heavy equipment together to see how we can fix these neighborhood problems,” Senator Senn explained.

The taskforce regroups every 90 days to inspect new complaints and check-in on progress toward fixing previous issues.

“It’s like peer pressure,” she said. “No one wants to say they haven’t gotten something done.”

There’s a form online to report problems and request the taskforce at your home. The next taskforce neighborhood tours are Monday July 29.

Senator Senn says in the meantime, she will personally study Dorothy’s problems. 

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