Call Collett: Sale item leads to headache during return

Call Collett

Paul Caplowitz thought he was getting a good deal on a Dyson vacuum.  In an email ad from Best Buy, the cordless vacuum that retailed for $299 was discounted to $199.

Just before Christmas, he scooped up the machine.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work right.

“The battery wouldn’t hold a charge,” Caplowitz explained to News 2’s Rebecca Collett . “You’d use it for a few minutes, and then it would go dead.”

When he tried to return the machine for a new one, problems started. Caplowitz says the store wouldn’t swap out the machine with something off the shelf.

Caplowitz claims the clerk at Best Buy told him the item was a promotional machine.

“I told him I didn’t understand,”Caplowitz said. “They wouldn’t answer if it was a cheaper machine or if it was discontinued.”

Caplowitz was worried the item he bought was cheaper and discontinued. He felt tricked by the sale, and that’s why he called Collett.  

News 2 contacted Best Buy. A spokesperson said Best Buy does not sell cheaper products during promotional pricing sales.

“We offer a lot of deals on our products throughout the holiday season, and in this case, the customer received a great product at a great price,” a statement from the company read.  

USC Marketing Professor Jeff  Rehling tells New 2 any time you shop for a deal, asks lots of questions. Those questions should include:

·         What’s the return policy?

·         Will I be able to get my money back or a store credit?

·         Is the item returnable?

For Paul, the headache of not being able to return the item in the store for a same-day switch wasn’t worth the sale price.

“I would have ignored the sale,  and I would have gone shopping,” he said.

Since Paul couldn’t swap the machine in the store, the Best Buy manager ordered him a new machine. A couple weeks later, he had his replaced.  He says next time he’ll ask more questions.

News 2 also contacted Dyson. A spokesman said the company does not manufacture cheaper products for special sales.   He says the V6 Cordless Vacuum that was on sale is one of Dyson’s older models.

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