Call Collett: Vendors owed money after retail store closed unexpectedly

Call Collett

The Trunk Show has been a Meeting Street consignment destination for years.

Wendy Fehrmaneck listed her black mink coat there.

“With a move to Charleston, I just didn’t need it anymore,” she explained. “It was time for it to have a new life.”

In her agreement with the Trunk Show, the coat was listed for $1,800. On February third it was sold for $1,000.  

“The thousand dollars was less than the contracted amount, but I was pleased that someone was interested in it,” Fehrmaneck told News 2.

She was told she could pick up a check for half of the sale in one month.  But four days later the shop closed unexpectedly for renovation, according to the Trunks Show’s Instagram account.  Then one day after that, employees announced the owner, Rachel McKenna, died after a long battle with cancer. Since then, the store has been closed and locked.

“The notice also asked consigners to pick up their merchandise,” Fehrmaneck explained.

She tried several times, but got no response. She sent emails, called, and even sent a certified letter. All communication went unanswered.   

That’s why she called Collett. 

The shop owner’s husband, Scott McKenna, says he had no financial dealings with the store, and he isn’t responsible.

Through tax records News 2 located the building owner, Scott Hood.

He says so far a handful of people collected their items by making an appointment with him. He offered Wendy the same option. But it’s more likely people who are owned money will get resolution by filing against her estate in probate court. 

That’s a common practice according to attorney Dixon Pearce.

“If you’re a creditor of someone and they pass away, their estate is supposed to be probated at the county office building,” Dixon Pearce, Mt Pleasant attorney, explained.  “The estate is kept open for a period of time so any creditors can file their claims.  Frequently you’ll see credit card companies file claims for balances due.”

And Fehrmaneck says that’s exactly what she’ll do.

The owner of the building says for anyone who still has items inside to contact him with the itemized agreements from the Trunk Show to retrieve your stuff.  The number is (843) 884-1099.

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