NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Two candidates running for mayor of North Charleston spoke directly to the community on Tuesday night during a forum.

Mayoral hopefuls, John Singletary and Former Police Chief Reggie Burgess, were the only two candidates out of nearly a dozen, who attended the forum at New Hope Baptist Church.

“I thought it was going to actually be more people than just Reggie Burgess and John Singletary. I was hoping that I would’ve been able to ask my questions to more people and got more feedback,” said Kiah Houston, a North Charleston Resident.

The candidates shared their goals for the city, if elected.

“Making sure we preserve our vote, making sure that the crime rate goes down, making sure that you have affordable housing in your communities,” said Singletary, who kicked off the forum.

Burgess followed up when it was his turn, saying in part, “I want to improve the situation between government and the community and I want to improve all of the things associated with education, homelessness and anything that we can do to get better at it and make this city an equal city.”

Moderator Calvin Logan asked the candidates questions on a wide range of issues affecting the city, including when areas considered to be a food desert will get a grocery store.

Another question was if candidates would consider making North Charleston its own school district.

“The answer is absolutely yes. I would consider it for many reasons,” Singletary answered.

“I truly believe we need to assess each individual children but sit down with the school district and tell them these are things we expect. And if they don’t deliver, then we revisit,” Burgess responded.

The room was filled with community members who were eager to hear what the candidates had to say.

“The next mayor, I want him to treat everybody equal. Not just certain communities and certain people,” said Ellen Feaster Smalls of North Charleston.

The election will take place on November 7th.