CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – On Sunday, CARTA began providing free transportation between bus stops on both sides of the Northbridge for Bicyclists and Pedestrians who typically look to make a dangerous but critical cross.

Katie Zimmerman, the Executive Director for Charleston moves said CARTA’s expansion will be a game-changer for many as currently, the Northbridge has no pedestrian or cycling lanes. Zimmerman said she believes the additional times will those with their schedules during CARTAs hours of operations and giving them a safe way to get across. 

Many of those who walk and bike over the Northbridge every day according to data collected from Charleston Moves surveyors are making the trek to get to work visit family or get to a grocery store.

Mike Seekings, the Chairman of CARTA said Route 32 is currently their busiest route and the additional stops between North Charleston and West Ashley along the Northbridge cut waiting times in half. 

This was not a hard call for us. 

Mike Seekings, Chairman CARTA 

Seekings said, their regular riders will see some increased frequency and those who are going to take advantage of this new service will see increased frequency too. 

The Northbridge route’s frequency will be every half-hour on Mondays through Saturday, and every hour on Sunday. 

This is really the start of what I hope will be a very large push, community-wide to make the Northbridge are safer to transit across. Ultimately a second bike-pedestrian bridge—but for now and in the interim, CARTA has stepped up to the plate. 

Mike Seekings, Chairman CARTA 

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