JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD)- Pet Helpers is without transportation for their animals after someone stole catalytic converters from two of their vans.

An employee discovered the theft after attempting to start one of the vehicles on Tuesday.

“We quickly realized that something was wrong,” said Will Howell, the Public Relations and Marketing Manager at Pet Helpers.

Pet Helpers had been using one of the vans to transport pets from other shelters in the state back to Charleston as they help combat a state-wide capacity crisis.

“We’ve been taking in plenty of cats and dogs from other local shelters,” said Howell. “You can drive the vans without (the catalytic converters), but we’d prefer not to. It’s not as good for the environment.”

The repairs would cost the shelter thousands of dollars that Howell says needs to be saved for the animals.

“It costs over $160,000 a month for us to run this operation and provide the level of care that we are used to providing,” said Howell. “We also have a full dog floor right now, there are plenty of cats coming in every day and we just want to minimize any damage that this might cause.”

Pet Helpers is asking for any information that the public may have as they try to piece together security camera footage. Donations are also welcome to help them pay for replacing the catalytic converters.

If you have any information about the theft Pet Helpers asks that you call 843-795-1110 or email msusko@pethelpers.org.

Donations can be given here.