CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County School District (CCSD) board members on Monday participated in a workshop where they received an overview of what students are learning in the classroom.

Board members later heard from the community about the need to increase teacher salaries during the full board meeting immediately following the workshop.

Monday’s workshop covered 15 different standardized tests that students are required to take. Those include assessments from elementary school.

“FastBridge is used by K-1 teachers, again to differentiate instruction,” the presenter said, “and our FastBridge early reading assessment is also used as our universal screener for dyslexia.”

To end-of-course examinations in high school.

“EOC’s are given at the conclusion of what are considered are foundational courses,” the presenter said. “Specifically, those being Algebra I, Biology I, English II and U.S. History.”

The full board meeting commenced shortly after the workshop finished. During public comments, several people spoke to the Board about their desire to see salaries increased for district educators.

“When I chose to go into teaching,” one CCSD schoolteacher said. “I didn’t know I’d also be choosing to live paycheck-to-paycheck. I didn’t know I’d be choosing to send my children off into adulthood with no college fund because the money just wasn’t there. I didn’t know I’d be choosing not to own a home because I can’t afford to.”

“I want to encourage CCSD and its Board of Trustees to find a way to start the teacher salary to at least $58,000, if not higher,” said one Charleston County community member.

“I’m asking you tonight to listen to the Teacher Pay Task Force and enact a substantial increase in teachers’ salaries,” another community member said.

The Board is expected to vote on whether to extend the current teacher salary schedule from 31 to 40 steps. An increase in steps for the current school year will affect 159 teachers, and the total salary increase including fringe benefits is more than $1.2 million.

The Charleston County School Board voted unanimously to extend the current teacher salary schedule from 31 to 40 steps.