Michael Miller, who is on the Board of Trustees with Charleston County School District has come forward to say the search for a new superintendent has been compromised, tainted and tarnished. 

At a press conference on Monday, May 18th, Miller handed out a three page report on why he feels the search has been compromised. The release is attached in this article. 

Miller says that the board held meetings prior to the superintendent search process starting. They did this before posting the position online and before they started advertising for the position. Miller says that in his opinion, this gave an unfair advantage to the applicant they met with prior to announcing the search, Dr. Posterwait. 

Miller wants to repair the trust of the district. He recommends hiring a search firm to help with the superintendent search. He also wants to disqualify Dr. Posterwait because she has an unfair advantage over every candidate because of the secretive meetings that were held with her. 

Miller wants an honest, transparent and open process in the continued search for the new superintendent and to extend the search into next school year, leaving the current leadership in place and hopefully naming a new Superintendent by July 1 of 2016.