CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County School District security officials are looking at ways to improve school safety.

Michael Reidenbach, the Executive Director of Security and Emergency Management for CCSD, provided an update on school security during the Committee of the Whole meeting.

Reidenbach presented several enhanced security options the district is considering. Each option had a list of pros and cons, as well as how much it would cost to implement.

One consideration is full-time weapons screening in schools which would cost just over $1 million, plus an additional $2.9 million additional recurring cost. The district is also looking into upgrading its current analog school bus video systems with digital video. Officials said this option would give them access to live video streams.

Another possibility Reidenbach discussed, is hiring private security for schools that don’t have a school resource officer. He said not every school in the district has a resource officer because of staffing issues within law enforcement agencies. Officials are looking at using funds to hire private security officers, which would cost a recurring price of $772,000.

According to Reidenbach, all schools in Mount Pleasant have a full-time SRO. He credits Town Council and Police Chief Mark Arnold for making that happen. He also said all unincorporated Charleston County schools have an SRO.

In the City of Charleston, Reidenbach said only about half of the elementary schools have a full-time SRO, while the other half rely on random patrols. North Charleston elementary schools are in the same scenario, according to Reidenbach.

“We do not have that full-time security presence, on all of our campuses,” said Reidenbach. “This proposal would allow us to fill that gap currently caused by those SRO vacancies with the use of private security.”

On Monday, the CEO of the company R2P Innovations called on the board to consider installing their ballistic-resistant doors in CCSD classrooms.

R2P stands for “Responsibility to Protect.” Since the Sandy Hook school shooting, the company has been pushing for schools to implement the protective doors which Tony Deering, the CEO, said costs $6,000 each.

“Twenty children in a classroom. That’s one dollar a day to give students and faculty the best chance of survival in that critical 10-minute window,” said Deering.

According to Reidenbach’s presentation, the cost of the bullet-proof doors would be $35 million.

Reidenbach took questions from the board who told him to follow-up with an updated list of the options based on priority.

The board ultimately approved funding for a list of items, including additional SRO’s and contracted security personnel.

To see the full presentation, click here.