CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – With the end of summer break right around the corner, the Charleston County School District will soon determine how summer and other breaks will look next school year.

“There are four options that are not too, too different. They’re similar enough, that nothing’s going to go off the rails,” Joy Brown, a CCSD parent, told News 2.

On Monday, the district’s Committee of the Whole reviewed four different calendar options for the 2024-25 school year. A calendar committee, which Brown serves on, crafted the proposals based on the 5,000 responses they received in a community survey.

“The committee developed that survey together. Very thoughtfully to make sure that the survey garnered the type of information that we needed to develop a calendar that we could feel confident to offer the trustees,” said Vanessa Denney, the Interim Executive Director of Communications for CCSD.

‘Calendar 1’ is a traditional calendar with a mid-August start date, a five-day Thanksgiving break, a 10-day winter break, and a five-day spring break.

The second option is also a traditional calendar with a mid-August start date plus one more week of vacation built into the year at the beginning of March.

“I personally would probably stick to the one that’s closest to what we have now. You know, I just like the routine, your body is almost built for it,” said Jody Stallings, an 8th grade teacher at CCSD.

‘Calendar 3’ would send students back to school in early August but provide two additional weeks of vacation. Those would take place in October and February.

“I liked in ‘calendar 3’ the two extra weeks of vacation I thought that was really interesting,” said Dr. Carol Tempel, a CCSD Board member.

Lastly, ‘calendar 4’ would also start the school year in early August. This option would ensure the first semester ends prior to winter break and the school year would end in May.

“I think it’s really important for students to be able, especially in high school, to be able to get all of those exams done before winter break so they’re not going in with dread or worrying about it,” Brown said.

Meanwhile, some board members brought up their concerns about having more breaks throughout the year, such as childcare and students who rely on school meals.

The board will consider moving these options forward for public input on August 28. A public input survey will be open the first two weeks of September. The board is set to approve a calendar on September 25.

To view the options presented on Monday, click here.